Best Travel Planning Tools


Here are the best websites for planning your next trip. Use this travel planning tools to make it easier for you and have everything prepared during the vacation. You can use this tools for getting some inspiration, for making specific plans, like booking a table in a restaurant or find best rated accomodation and also to calculate, for instance costs for fuel, or share the expences with your travel companions. Whatever you need, I hope you find something usefull in this article.

Here are our advices for the best travel planning tools:

Travel Blogs and Pinterest

Before you can start planning, you need to choose a destination to start with. With Travel Blogs like this or also with many others you can get inpired. To find some inspiration for one specific country or city you can use Pinterest to get a nice overview about how it looks like and which places are famous there. Getting inspired is the best way to build up your anticipation and getting excited. And you are lucky: The internet is full of ideas and advices.

In case you are looking for some inspiration, this can be intressting for you: 10 Incredible Places to See Before You Die

Maybe you find stunning places you haven’t known before and your bucket list gets longer and longer. Time to check the safety information real quick.

paddle boats on a blue lake surrounded by mountains and woods and blue sky

Foreign Office or in German: Auswertiges Amt

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is a good idea to check the Foreign Office website of your country to see if there are any travel warnings and what the safety and entry requirements are. In Germany its the Website of Auswertiges Amt which gives you helpful and serious travel and safety information.

Time to start planning the first trip then.


With the Lambus App you can plan your whole trip with just one tool. You can set waypoints, you can share the expences with your gruop, you can safe tickets and photos, you can book accomodaions or sight seeing trips with get your guide. You can use the app alone or with the wohle group. It can gives you inspiration with lambus discover and also planning the full itinerary. You can check out all the features on the Website or straight planning your trip with the app:

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Lambus | Travel Planner
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mountain landscape and lambus logo best travel planning tool


With Tripadvisor you can get recommondations and advices from a huge community for everything you like to visit. From Hotel, over restaurant to sightseeing and activities. The Website offers different categories like Things to do, vacation rentals and travel forums. You can see how many reviews have submitted and you can see the ranking for every attraction, restaurant, hotel and so on. The reviews and rankings are based on the community so you can be a part of it, if you would like to.

This tool hepls you to get good and realistic advices and if you read the reviews and have a look on the pictures, you can get an authentic impression and you will be spared unpleasant surprises.

people sitting outside in a restaurant or a bar or cafe in the shadow with nice weather in summer. tripadvisor is a travel planning tool

Park4Night and GasBuddy

If you are doing a road trip, these are usefull tools for you. helps you to find a good place for the night with van or camping car, which are recommended by the community.

GasBuddy helps you to calculate how much money you need for fuel. You just set your waypoints and choose the type of fuel and thats all you have to do. GasBuddy estimates the cost for you.

van or vw bulli on a road trip driving on a road in nice landscape in direction of mountains

Open table

Especially in a place where you don’t know so well, it can be stressful to find a good restaurant that still has a table available. If you are travelling in a group, even more. Open table is the perfect tool to fix this problem and finding the right place in right time. You can see what is close to you and choose between different cuisines. Furthermore, you can see whats on the menu and directly make your reservation.

Testaurant view from outside, people sitting in front on tables in small groups and eat and drink. also open table for tourists

We hope that you found the right tool for you and that you are now motivated to plan your next trip. Did you miss tools which are for you the best travel planning tools? Let us know, we would love to read, how you plan your trip.

If you start planning now, perhaps this can be helpful for you too:

Enjoy the journey! 🙂

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Lambus | Travel Planner
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