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You are about to plan a new trip? Here you can find the best itinerary and travel planner apps and see whats your big advantage of using them. Apps, in all their diversity, are a huge asset for travel enthusiasts. With the right app in the right situation, you can save a lot of time, money and hassle. They make it easier to organise your documents (especially when travelling in groups) and help you keep track of everything. You need less paper and can change your plans and lists easily and neatly. When you’re in a jam, your app will show you the way out, and when you need inspiration, your app will have the next idea ready for you.

road trip in iceland with map in the car. should show that papermap is not mandatory because of the best itinerary and travel planner apps which are presented in this article

First of all, a few apps that are also very helpful before you start your journey:


You might have read about tripadvisor on this blog from time to time, because the app is just great. On tripadvisor you can find almost everything you need for your trip, rated by the community. Whether it’s restaurants, sightseeing, hotels or guides, everything is ranked for you.
The perfect app to find the best restaurants and sights in the area.

One of the best apps for travel planning based on recommendations .


Mapify is more based on visual content and combines travel inspirtation, travel planning and travel documentation. You can get insired by pretty pictures or by community and if its getting serious and you wanna plan your journey, mapify has experts which are supporting you.

And the best add on: You can create your own travel scratch map.

Airballons in Turkey. Decoartion for the article about the best itinerary and travel planner apps

To make the best use of precious travel time (which is unfortunately usually limited), it is worth using the best itinerary and travel planner apps.
You often get annoyed by detours when you get lost, by traffic jams, by delayed trains and flights.

A lot of time is lost through unnecessary driving or walking back and forth. Therefore, it is worth planning the day and thinking through the routes and paths beforehand.

To plan your route optimally, these apps are advisable:


I used komoot for my first bike trip and can only recommend it. Route planning went smoothly and all relevant information (such as gradient, duration, distance, but also trail conditions and weather) was immediately available. It was especially helpful that we could download the GPS data for navigation. If you don’t want to set your own route, you can also choose from ready-made and proven routes.

Biker rides his bike in beautiful landscape with hills

Google maps

Old but gold. Everyone knows it, but it is so elementary that it cannot be missing here: Google maps, of course. It didn’t need many words, but almost every traveller uses it. A basic in so many travel situations. Route planning, directions, navigation, public transport – you have all the options here to reach your next destination. And with a little luck, you’ll get additional information, such as opening hours or price category.

Maps With Me (

MapsWithMe is the best itinirary and travel planner App for hiker and nature lovers! I got to know because another traveller used this app for planning walks and hikes. Since we accompanied him on a hike in Sri Lanka, I’ve really enjoyed using The convincing argument is that you can download maps including hiking trails and routes. The worldwide hiking maps are great and it works fine. And if you are honest: Even the adventurers among us also love a good, reliable, downloaded map. Just in case, of course.

map of rome and some pencils next to the map. thos picture should decorate the text about the best itinerary and travel planner apps

City mapper

If you want to survive in the foreign urban jungle, then Citymapper is the only tool you need.
Citymapper helps you to find your way in big cities with public transport. It takes you by the hand from door to door and helps you to find the right way, to get on the right train, not to miss your station, to take the right exit and to get to your destination. Even changing trains is more than easy with city mapper. For me it’s the best itinerary and travel planning app according to public transport. Without Citymapper I would have been lost in Londons underground, for sure.

All of this can simplify a lot, but imagine if there was an app that allowed you to do everything at the same time. Good news: There is! Lambus!
It combines all travel planning tools in one app.


Lambus is an all-in-one travel app. You can not only plan routes and optimise itineraries, but also plan your entire trip in the app. From rental cars to flights and hotels to restaurants and sightseeing, everything is included. With the Pro version, you also get many other advantages, such as live gate information and live weather updates.
You can also create your daily plan in the app and thus check in advance what you want to do on which day and which things can be combined well. You can also share your expenses, get weather updates and share photos, and best of all, you can do it all together with your fellow travellers.

lake in the mountains. Picture to the topic best itinerary and travel planner apps.

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Enjoy your next journey! 🙂

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Lambus is an All-In-One travel platform. Your whole trip in your pocket: Waypoints, expenses, tickets, photos, and more!

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