Backpacking For Beginners


A Backpacking Trip can be a lot of fun, but as a beginner you might have some questions and there might be some challenges to overcome for it to become your best trip so far! You might ask yourself, what gear to bring, where to go or what to keep in mind! But no worries, we have got you covered with some esstential Backpacking tips!

Plan your Destination 

If it is one of your first Backpacking trips make sure to choose your destination wisely. To do so go and ask experienced backpackers. Make sure, to go to a place that is not too far out or even maybe familiar. For the hiking routes, plan some that are a rather a little shorter than what you are normally used to. Many first-time backpackers underestimate the weight of their backpacks while hiking. I mean, you don’t want it to be too exhausting, it’s still suppossed to be fun! If it is possible go to a well-traveled trail and well-established camp. That way you will always have experienced people around that can help you at any time.  

It is always easier to hike with friends or to join a hiking group! 

How to Pack your Back

There are many Backpacking tips on how to pack you backpack the right way,so that everything fits but also that it is still comfortable to walk with. To find the best way to pack, it is always a good idea to watch a YouTube Tutorial and practice in advance. To make sure not to forget any essentials use a Check-List. Who wants to realize in the middle of the hike that you forgot your eating utensils? Some basic essentials that are very important are waterproof clothes, a good quality sleeping bag, a headlamp, any kid of communication device (that has signal), a first-aid kit, a multiuse knife, waterbottle (& waterfilter) and a quick dry towel. You can create your own CheckList with the Lambus app and download it before your trip. 

What Food To Bring

It is very important to plan your food in advance if you are hiking in wild nature and of course always plan in some more extra food. Some ideas for meals are packaged noodle or rice meals, high-carolie energy bars, dried fruits and nuts or oatmeal. Avoid taking canned food, since it is very heavy. Furthermore, make sure to take small containers to lock up your food and to not attract any animals. For utensils you can bring all-in-one sets that are a plate/bowl and a can at once. In addition, they are also good to store your fork and knife as well as a foldable mug.

Plan Your Trip

Even though being spontanous can be a lot of fun, planning your trip in adavnce can be very useful, especially as a beginner. I am not saying that you should plan through every minute of the trip, but at least to know what options you have. For instance, if the weather is not as you thought, it is always good to have a back-up plan. Therefore, have a list with some other hiking routes nearby, camping sites or even hostels. That way, it can make your experience much easier and less stressful. 

All in all, for your Frist Time Backpacking, hike with a group and remeber to bring all basic essentials. The most important Backpacking tip, is to choose a destination that you feel safe and comfortable with! I am sure that that way, you will have a great trip and maybe Backpacking is your new go-to way to travel! 

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