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Every year, more and more women decide to travel solo. What at first seems daunting usually turns out to be a freeing experience. The loneliness you may feel along the way pushes you to go out of your comfort zone, to meet new people, and to get to know a culture in more depth than an all-inclusive resort stay with your partner might.

Choosing the right destination as a Female Solo Traveler is a difficult task. There are so many great places in the world, but which is the best for you? We have tried to narrow down some of the options here, taking safety and other factors into account, to highlight some great travel destinations to explore solo.

Disclaimer: This is by no means an extensive or definitive list.

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Featured Trip: Female Solo Travel in Oman

Female Solo Travelers tend to shy away from Middle-Eastern countries, due to the ongoing crises in the region and the media’s portrayal. What many don’t know: most Middle Easterners are extremely friendly and welcoming to anyone who shows an interest in their culture and country and Oman is no exception to this. Crime is virtually non-existent, and Omanis value respect towards others very highly. Additionally, Oman is absolutely beautiful. The landscapes range from the desert and rough mountain ranges to lush oases and a great coastline.

Nizwa, Oman’s old capital. It is known for its lively souk and 17th-century fort.

The Couchsurfing app is a common way to meet the locals, especially other women, and to be integrated into their cultural setting, even if you don’t actually spend the night at their house. Stay a few days in each of the larger cities this way and book group tours to explore the outdoor attractions. Be respectful of the culture and religion by dressing modestly and acting kind towards others.

The promenade of Oman’s capital city, Muscat.

5 Highlights in Oman:

  • Nizwa Fort
  • Wadi Shab
  • Jebel Shams
  • Wahiba Sands
  • Sur

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Costa Rica

Consider Costa Rica as your Female Solo Travel Destination for its incredible ecological diversity and well-established backpacker community. Most of your days will be spent hiking through the jungles or at the beach, where you can pick up new skills like surfing. Consider staying at a retreat for a few days during your visit. These retreats are often centered around a specific activity, like yoga or photography, and are a great way to meet your fellow travelers.

The Costa Rican rainforest.

Contrast Costa Rica’s spectacular natural attractions by visiting the cities and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture. Markets, festivals, and other events are best to get into contact with the locals. While Costa Rica is generally a safe place, avoid walking by yourself, in both the cities and tourist spots, at night.

Volcano Arenal is Costa Rica’s best-known stratovolcano. It is surrounded by hot springs, terraced rivers, and deep forests.

5 Highlights in Costa Rica:

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges
  • Irazú Volcano
  • Playa Tamarindo
  • Tortuguero National Park

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Namibia is often described as the Land of Contrasts, because of the huge diversity of landscapes that lie within the country’s boundaries. Enormous, bright orange sand dunes kiss the deep blue ocean in Southern Namibia, while the salt flats in the North are home to an abundance of wild animals. In the towns and cities, which are sparsely placed between the wide stretches of untouched nature, you will find many European-style buildings, remnants from the country’s time as a German colony.

„Dune 7“, the world’s tallest dune, can be found in Namib-Naukluft National Park.

Namibia is a more unconventional destination for females traveling solo. Instead of renting a Jeep and trying to navigate through the country by yourself, join one of the countless day tours to Namibia’s most isolated locations. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck alone in the middle of nowhere and you will meet the most people this way! While there are fully guided multi-week adventure tours as well, travel from town to town and stick to the day tours to make sure you get to go exactly where you want to go.

Etosha National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife.

5 Highlights in Namibia:

  • Etosha National Park
  • Namib-Naukluft National Park
  • Walvis Bay
  • Windhoek
  • Spitzkoppe

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New Zealand

New Zealand’s sheer endless outdoor activities and its extraordinary landscapes make it an adventurer’s dream. Pair that with the Kiwi’s friendliness and its high safety ranking, and you’ve found the perfect destination for first-time Solo Female Travelers in the making.

Milford Sound in Fjordland National Park is a favorite among hikers and backdrop to Lord of the Rings.

The country is well-loved among backpackers, work-and-travelers, and other solo explorers, which makes finding friends along the way very easy. You’ll meet the most people by staying in hostels or BnB’s or by joining group tours on a hike through the mountains.

From November to December, crystal clear Lake Tekapo is surrounded by bright blooming Lupines.

5 Highlights in New Zealand:

  • Queenstown – The Adventure Capital of the World
  • Fjordland National Park
  • Lake Tekapo
  • Hobbiton™ Movie Set
  • Waitomo Glow Worm Cave

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Scotland tends to be very high on any traveler’s bucket list, and for good reason. The Highland Mountains, which make you feel like you’ve reached the end of the world, the hundreds of serene lochs with the occasional castle ruins, and the jagged coastline make Scotland a charming yet adventurous destination. Between the above and the country’s medieval cities, there is plenty to do and see.

There are more than 3000 Lochs in Scotland. Oftentimes the ruins of castles sit on their shores, like Kilchurn Castle at Loch Awe.

Travel around the country by car and train, staying in hostels in the cities and bed and breakfast’s in the countryside. The Scottish are very warm and welcoming and love to make conversation about their favorite sights with anyone willing to listen. You are guaranteed to meet people wherever you go, whether that be in a pub, climbing in the Highlands, or on a scenic train ride. Tip: Make the most of your visit and research events to join in on, such as the Highland Games, beforehand.

The green pastures of Isle of Skye.

5 Highlights in Scotland:

  • Isle of Skye
  • Inverness
  • Loch Lomond
  • West Highland Line
  • Edinburgh

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Sri Lanka

South Asia has long been a solid choice for backpackers. Even though Sri Lanka is less popular than, say, Thailand for this community, it had been gaining more traction recently. Visit the island to experience the vibrant and bustling cities, the deep jungles, and the beautiful beaches that Sri Lanka has to offer. In addition, there are many cultural heritage sites and temples waiting to be explored by you!

Nine Arches Bridge.

While Sri Lanka is fairly safe for Solo Female Travelers, it is important to follow basic safety guidelines. Remember that Sri Lanka is a conservative country, so it is best to dress accordingly to avoid unwanted attention. Staying in hostels on your trip isn’t just great to make friends, but will also help you avoid sleeping in hotels by yourself. If you follow these tips, you should be perfectly safe. It’s best if you leave your suitcase at home and bring a backpack. Space on public transport is tight and as you will probably spend most of your time hiking and at the beach, you won’t need as much luggage as you think!

Tea is one of Sri Lanka’s main export goods. You can see the plantations all over the hillsides and you can even tour some of them.

5 Highlights in Sri Lanka:

  • Udawalawe National Park
  • Colombo
  • Rawana Falls
  • Scenic Train Ride (Kandy-Walawe)
  • Unawatuna Beach

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If you are looking to travel to South America by yourself, but have safety concerns, consider visiting Uruguay! Not only does the country have the lowest crime rate in South America, but it is ideally located between Argentina and Brazil, and thus a good starting point for a multi-country South America trip. Uruguay’s landscape is defined by serene rolling hills and a beautiful coastline.

In contrast to the dramatic landscapes of neighboring Brazil or Argentina, Uruguay is mostly grassy rolling hills.

Compared to classic backpacker locations, like Costa Rica, you will likely spend more time with the locals. Uruguayans like to make you feel right at home and are glad to help you out if you need something. The coastline around Montevideo is gorgeous and the area has lots of great activities to offer. Enjoy Uruguayan cuisine at a seaside restaurant or take a group surfing lesson while you’re here. But be sure to venture deeper into the countryside as well, staying in small towns as you go.

Originally the mansion of an artist, quirky Casapueblo in Montevideo is now a famous museum.

5 Highlights in Uruguay:

  • Palace Cave
  • Montevideo
  • Quebrada de los Cuervos
  • Punta del Este
  • La Barra

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Safest Countries in the World

The main concern, especially for first-time solo female travelers, is safety. Yes, some places are safer than others. The Global Peace Index can be a good place to start when searching for safe travel destinations around the world.

Here are the top 10 safest countries of 2021:

But remember, even in less peaceful countries your safety hinges upon more just a rank. If you’ve done your research and know which areas and behaviors to avoid, then you will most likely find a safe space anywhere.

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