Best Travel Destinations for 2022


The pandemic has significantly changed our vacation behavior, but it has not broken our wanderlust. On the contrary, after the forced break, we can hardly wait to travel again. Next year, for the first time since the pandemic began, we will be able to venture further away from home and even overseas. 2022 is the year to get back out there and turn your dream trips into reality. We present you the best travel destinations for 2022 in four categories: Roadtrips, Cities, National Parks and Sea & Beach.

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Best Travel Destinations For 2022 – Roadtrips


Adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in Norway, the land of the ancient Vikings. There is a lot to see around the Arctic Circle in the far north of Europe: Discover the famous coastal fjords between Bergen and Trondheim, marvel at mighty waterfalls or relax while fishing and explore the capital Oslo. A round trip through Norway by car is simply an unforgettable experience – and also perfectly suitable for a vacation with the family.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Norway
Embarking on a road trip around Norway is a great way to see all the glories this Scandinavian country has to offer. 

Norway measures 1,700 kilometers in length and has a coastline of almost 3,000 kilometers, not counting bays and fjords. So a round trip through Norway needs to be well planned. In the Discover section of our Lambus app you will find the perfect itinerary.

Renting a car in Norway is actually a good option for budget travelers not only because public transport is expensive here, but also because the cheapest accommodation options are usually outside of the main tourist areas.



Australia is the only country on earth that is also an entire continent. Vast areas of Australia are dominated by nature, which shows itself in fascinating diversity. America has the #Route66, Australia has its Highway 100: the Great Ocean Road – myth, legend, adventure, freedom and eternal expanse.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Australia
The spectacular Great Ocean Road winds along the wild and rugged Southern Ocean.

Australia’s most beautiful panoramic road begins in the surfer’s paradise #Torquay and winds along the coastline to Port Campbell, which awaits you with almost unbelievable natural spectacles that have been created over centuries.

Take your time, enjoy spectacular views, explore small coastal towns and discover wildlife and flora as well as the impressive world-famous limestone foundations. Find the matching itinerary in the Lambus Discover section!

If you don’t want to rush and also want to have a little adventure here and there, you should plan at least 5 days for the road trip.



Hardly any other region in Europe can boast such great scenic and cultural diversity as the balkans. Crystal clear, light blue to turquoise waters, lakes, waterfalls, islands and rivers invite swimming and water sports.

The countries in the Balkans offer a fascinating variety of landscapes, culture and historical sights.

The countless and breathtaking elevations of the Balkan Mountains beg to be climbed by adventurous hikers and cyclists. Amateur historians delight in the colorful potpourri of cultural influences dating back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, sometimes even to the Middle Ages. And that same colorful mix of cultures guarantees the most delicious Southern European dishes, ranging from seafood to hearty kebabs to sweet and aromatic baklavas.

Whether you’re a beach type, hiker, explorer, art lover, food lover, or whatever type of traveler you are, the balkan island will make your travel heart beat faster, that’s a promise!

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Balkans
Dubrovnik is famous for its characteristic old town, which is completely surrounded by a massive stone wall completed in the 16th century.


Best Travel Destinations For 2022 – Cities


Florence is not only the capital of picturesque Tuscany. The city of medici is one of the most important cultural metropolises in Europe and with its numerous sights a paradise for travelers and culture enthusiasts. The Italian city is bursting with joie de vivre and the typical Italian flair. florence makes it really easy to fall in love with this wonderful city.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Florence
Florence is best known for its numerous Renaissance masterpieces of art and architecture.

The city is best known for its world famous cathedral and numerous renaissance works of art. Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Dante, Giotto are just a few names of the numerous important artists who once called the wonderful city of Florence (Italian: Firenze) their home. However, their choice did not fall on Florence by chance. Here they were not only able to practice their art or talent without hindrance, but were even encouraged to do so.

Even as a (secret) fan of the historical drama series „Medici – the Rulers of Florence“ you will get your money’s worth here.

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge over the Arno River in the Italian city.

We have put together the perfect mix of must-sees and insider tips for you in our Florence city guide – available in the Lambus Discover section.



Dublin was founded by the Vikings and attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Not for nothing is the Irish capital one of the most popular destinations in Europe. There is a lot to see and discover here. Although the city is certainly known for its alcohol, there is also a lot of history, culture and other activities waiting for you to discover. The cosmopolitan flair and warmth of the Irish has enchanted every visitor so far. We show you in our Discover Guide the places of Dublin that you should not miss!

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Dublin
Temple Bar is a lively riverside neighborhood crisscrossed with cobbled pedestrian streets.

Dublin is suitable for a city trip, a party vacation or a longer stay. In principle, you can travel to Dublin all year round. Thanks to the North Atlantic currents, Dublin has a mild climate all year round. There are about 140 rainy days a year, most of them in the winter months. But even otherwise the weather is very changeable all over the island, so sunglasses belong in your luggage as well as a small umbrella.

If you want to experience Irish traditions up close, you should keep two dates in mind: St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and of course Halloween on October 31.

The Library of Trinity College Dublin is the university library of the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, founded in 1592.



Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and is located in the northern part of the U.S. state adjacent to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dynamic Atlanta, Georgia is known for its glittering skyline, but also amazes with forests, vast green spaces and homey neighborhoods. Atlanta has several centers, almost each a separate city with different characteristics: Downtown, Sweet Auburn Historic District and Stone Mountain Park.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Atlanta
The city is the birthplace of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and Pulitzer Prize winner Margaret Mitchell, who wrote the epic „Gone with the Wind.“

Time and again, Atlanta has been central to American history. The city played an important role during both the American Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. The Atlanta History Center tells of the city’s history, while the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park includes King’s birthplace and traces the early stages of the civil rights pioneer’s life. Today, Atlanta is considered the center of the New South. New surprises await around every corner – from international restaurants to top attractions to fantastic arts and entertainment.

Georgia’s largest city is also known for being an epicenter of black entrepreneurship.


Best Travel Destinations For 2022 – National Parks

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is an ancient huge lake in a mountainous region in Russia north of the Mongolian border. The word „Baikal“ comes from the Turkic language, originally meaning „a rich lake.“ And the lake is indeed rich, because with its depth of 1,640m it is the deepest and largest on earth. It is also the oldest lake on the planet – the age of Lake Baikal is estimated at 25 million years.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Lake Baikal
Baikal is so vast and deep, many locals call it a sea. 

A network of hiking trails surrounds the lake, called the Great Baikal Trail. Visitors can help safeguard the lake and its varied landscapes by volunteering with Great Baikal Trail Association. The village of Listvyanka on the western shore of the lake is a popular starting point for wildlife-watching tours (in summer). In winter it is a great place for ice skating, because then a layer of ice up to 110cm thick forms on the „Siberian Sea“.

Magical sight: Every year in the period from the end of June to the beginning of July, every night at midnight, a unique phenomenon can be observed: a moon rainbow, which is formed when small particles of water, pulled by the attraction of the moon, escape from the surface of the lake.

This is how spectacular Lake Baikal looks in winter. When the deepest and oldest freshwater lake on earth freezes over, it is a spectacle in itself.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream destination for many. The small country between the Pacific coast and the rough Atlantic Ocean – often called the „Switzerland of Central America“ – has a unique tropical nature, which is protected and preserved by countless national parks (over 30!). Nowhere else is the biodiversity greater in such a small area.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Costa Rica
Turrialba Volcano is the easternmost of the active volcanoes of the Cordillera Volcánica Central mountain range in Costa Rica. With a volume of 290 km³, it is one of the largest volcanoes in the country.

Costa Rica is a perfect place to explore the country on your own with a rental car! And it has a lot to offer its visitors: adventurous jungle excursions, wildlife watching, relaxation on fantastic beaches, encounters with warm, happy people and pure adventure on a canopy or rafting tour.

About a quarter of Costa Rica’s national territory consists of protected jungle areas, home to numerous animals such as spider monkeys and quetzals.


Best Travel Destinations For 2022 – Sea & Beach


Tulum, in Mexico’s Yucatán province, is known and loved for its endless white sand beaches and relaxed atmosphere. But Tulum is not your typical beach vacation. It has so much more to offer. This vibrant area has cenotes, great food, ancient ruins, yoga, and cute Instagram-worthy hotels. Spend the night relaxing in a hut, eating delicious tacos on the beach and just enjoying the atmosphere. From the airport, you can either take one of the direct bus shuttles or rent a car.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Tulum
Tulum in Mexico is one of those places that you simply have to see.

There are actually two parts to Tulum: the original sleepy town, now home to restaurants, dive stores and budget hotels & hostels, and the beach strip. Locals call the town Pueblo and the beach Playa. The two towns are about 5 km apart and can be easily reached by cab or bicycle. The more expensive hotels and fanciest restaurants are on the beach, but if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food or cheap lodging, the town is the place to go. Check out our guide in the Discover section of our Lambus app to find the perfect itinerary.

Tulum is located on the so-called Riviera Maya, a coastal strip on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.


Rio de Janeiro

First of all, there is so much to see that you could spend weeks in Rio de Janeiro and it would probably still feel like you just got here. It is the soul of the country and an absolute melting pot of culture, history, lifestyle, wealth, poverty, extravagance and modesty.

The world-famous Copacabana is a place with two faces. During the day it is full of sporty people running, cycling, playing sports, swimming, volleyball or beach soccer on the golden sandy beach. Or they just came here for a relaxing sunbath. But as soon as the sun goes down, you will see another face of this magical place. Enjoy the sunset while the waves crash on the shore and you get lost in the rhythm of samba music with a cocktail in your hand.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Rio de Janeiro
The beach and the promenade with its striking mosaic pattern are busy around the clock.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Portuguese Pão de Açúcar, is a 396-meter-high, steep-sided rock on the Urca Peninsula at the western entrance to Guanabara Bay in Rio and another landmark of the city and even the country.

And these are just a few examples of the great things you can see and experience in Rio. For the full itinerary, check out our Lambus Discover section.

The Christ the Redeemer statue is a 38-meter tall statue at the top of Corcovado Mountain and an iconic landmark of the city.



Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit in Malta that it’s no wonder the possibilities of this little archipelago are dizzying!

The archipelago is known for its historical sites that bear witness to the successive conquest by the Romans, Moors, Order of St. John, French and British.

If you’re looking for the absolute best places to visit in Malta and Gozo, you’ve come to the right place with our Discover Guide. The small island nation has a lot to offer curious travelers, with a rich, fascinating history and traces of different cultures and foreign rulers that have left their mark on Malta and its culture. Since the island is small, it is easy to visit a number of the best places in Malta in a single day and at an easy pace. With relatively short distances between the various sights, you get to see more than in most other destinations in Europe.

Best Travel Destinations For 2022 - Malta
The small and picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk is located in the South-Eastern part of Malta.


After two years of border closures, cruise cancellations and travel restrictions, 2022 is the year we can hopefully return uninhibited (albeit vaccinated and COVID-tested) to our favorite destinations and cross new ones off our list.

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