Tips for a Night in the Hostel – How to Survive the Night with 15 People in the Room


Everyone knows it, the unpleasant feeling when something robs you of your sleep. Whether it’s snorring, loud noises, music from far away or too bright light, everything is not optimal for your beauty sleep. When traveling in a hostel, it is not unlikely that at least one of these factors will occur. But here we have a few tips for a night in the hostel for you. Here you will learn how to survive the night with 15 people in a room.

wodden bunk beds in a hostel. picture for the article how to survive the night with 15 people in the room.

The Basics

First, the basics that every traveler should have in his bag. Especially if you plan to stay in a hostel. Earplugs. Probably not a surprise, but can be very helpful in a crowded room. Even better are noise-cancel headphones. Not only do they protect you from conversations and other noises, but they also give you the option of listening to something else to fall asleep.
A sleep mask should not be missing from your luggage either. In a hostel it happens again and again that people come home or leave at strange times. So that the ceiling light does not tear you out of sleep every time, a sleep mask can be useful. Extra tip: If you are in the situation that you have to cross the room in the middle of the night, use the cell phone flashlight instead of the big ceiling light. You would certainly be grateful if your roommates would do the same. 🙂

Not really a basic, but a good tip: Bring your own pillow. You never know how the hostels are equipped and so at least you have your comfort to help you sleep.

Here, you will find some of these gadets in this article, but also some more, that are not mentioned in this connection.

Person is sleeping in a bed. this decorates the article with tips for a night in the hostel

Your sleeping rhythm

Advice number one: Only go to sleep when you are really tired. This will make it much easier for you to fall asleep and small noises will probably not wake you up so quickly. Also, it can make sense not to go to bed too early when there are other people going in and out of the room. Probably this should not be too hard, after all you are traveling and probably want to experience something.
If you do feel that you can’t sleep at night, try to take a nap during the day at lunchtime or in the afternoon, when the room is empty and the other people are out. A classic siesta never hurt anyone.

Person in a hammock in the common area in a hostel

Fair conduct

Behave as you would want others to behave. If you come home late, try not to make noise in the room and do not rummage in your pockets for a long time. For this you can put your pajamas and bathroom utensils ready beforehand. Try to avoid bright lights and don’t shine them on anyone. The same if you are awake early in the morning. Prepare what you need the night before and avoid lights and noises so as not to disturb the sleep of others.
If you are nice to others and get along well with your roommates, they will probably be more considerate.

Choose wisely

Be mindful when choosing a hostel and read reviews from previous guests beforehand. From the reviews you will quickly see if the hostel is located at a busy intersection and therefore there is a lot of traffic noise, for instance, or if it is located right next to clubs and bars and therefore there are a lot of potential things that prevent you from sleeping, like roommates which come home drunk, or noise from the streets.

Also, choose your bed in the hostel wisely, if you get to choose. Which is the right bed depends entirely on you. Some prefer to sleep on top of the bunk bed, because they expect more privacy, and others prefer to sleep below, because they are afraid of the ladder. There is no right or wrong. Find out what type of person you are to promote your sleep in a hostel.

Hostel building from outside, with a 'hostel' sign on the wall

Talk to the Staff

If you absolutely can’t stand the situation you can always try to get another room. Sometimes you get lucky. Talk to the staff and tell them exactly what the problem is. Be aware that they don’t always have a solution and they are not omnipotent. But it’s worth a try! 🙂

Tips for a Night in the Hostel

If all that doesn’t help, maybe you can learn how to fall asleep better in this YouTube video. Otherwise, just use the time you’re lying awake for other things. Read a book or travel guide in the common room or go explore the area by night if it’s safe enough. Make a date with new acquaintances for a beer if you can foresee that it’s going to get noisy again, and most importantly, don’t let it spoil your trip.

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