Tips for Planning Your World Trip


Planning your world trip can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few tips for planning your world trip and making it easier to start planning. When you decide to travel the world and be away for a long time, there are a lot of things to organise and think about. The better you organise everything in advance, the more time you have to enjoy it when you get there.

Backpacker with backpack in mountains after a hike, enjoying the nice view and the landscape while doing a world trip

Planning travel time and period

It is important to think about when you want to start and approximately how long you want to travel. Depending on this, you can plan when it is the best time to go to certain places. Maybe one of your stops is only accessible at certain times of the year or the conditions are better in winter or summer? Do a little research to find out which is the best time to travel to your destinations. The internet offers many possibilities to find out. Furthermore it can be smart to avoid peak seasons. In Christmas seasons, for example, everything is more expensive. Especially flights can get very expensive during these days. If you are looking for something special for Christmas, have a look at this article: Best Christmas Destinations – Where To Go In December?

Being flexible while planning your world trip can also be an advantage. Prices can fluctuate from day to day. If you don’t have a specific date, check if it might be cheaper a few days before or later. You can often save some money that way. Additional tip: It is usually cheaper to fly during the week than at the weekend.

Beach at Maledives with palm trees and wooden houses in the water.

Planning the budget

This part is perhaps the most difficult and perhaps not the most fun, but it is one of the most important parts. Depending on how well it goes, you can travel longer or shorter. And I guess your goal is to get the most out of it and see as much of the world as possible. So it’s really advisable to plan your budget thoroughly and manage your money well. Also check out this article Essential Budget Travel Tips for budget planning.

The best way to do this is to draw up different categories and set budgets for flights, for accommodation, for food, for purchases such as souvenirs, for transport and for entertainment and activities and so on. Think about what is relevant for you. Then research how much money you will need. How much do the flights cost? How much money do you need for accommodation in different countries per night? What about money for food per day? What other stops are on your route and what do you need for them? Google entrance fees and other prices. Also, plan a buffer, because things always turn out differently than expected. Make a list and always keep an eye on your expenses.

If you need some inspiration, which stops you could add to your itinerary, check out this blog post: Cheap Destinations In Europe

paris monmatre. high buildings in the city and panels on the buildings. view goes downhill

Planning to be away from home

If you are going to be travelling for a long time, there are a few things to organise. For example, what to do with your flat, furniture and belongings. What about your job? There are also insurances that are advisable. As you can see, there are a few things to think about. So let’s take them one by one.


Think about what you will do with your flat depending on how long you plan to be away. One option is to sublet. I would advise you to think carefully about what you want to leave in the flat and with whom you have a good feeling, because it makes sense to sublet furnished.

This is a good way to cover some of your costs, as the person moving in will be paying your rent. If you know the person, you can also be sure that everything stays in good condition and you don’t have to organise for someone to come and have a look.

If subletting is not an option for you, you should consider whether you want to give notice or keep the flat. This will probably also depend on your financial situation. If you give up your flat, which makes sense if you are going away for a longer period of time, you will also have to take care of selling or storing your things. In this case, be aware of the notice period for your flat and whether you have to look for a new tenant.
My tip is to sell or donate everything you don’t need in the next year. That way you have less of a burden and in the best case you get some extra money to travel with.


Furthermore, you have to clarify your absence with your employer. Do you want to quit your job or is it possible to continue working on the road? Think about what you want before you talk to your employer. If you would like to continue working, think in advance about how this would be possible and which tasks you can continue to take care of. If you have a good concept, your employer will probably be more willing to accept it. Weigh up how much time you want to spend working on the trip or whether you have enough savings to finance the trip.

There are also opportunities to look for new jobs on the road and work on farms or in hostels. This way you can always earn some extra money with which you can continue travelling.To make all these decisions, it is important that you have planned your budget (as I mentioned in the previous part).


Check how long your passport is still valid and for which countries you need to apply for a visa. Be sure to check the deadlines and remember to include the costs in your budget. Consider arranging travel insurance for your trip abroad and also calculate this expences in your budget.

man and woman packing stuff in boxes and luggage. moving out of the flat and leaving for a world trip

Don’t forget to organise what happens to your car and what your running costs are. Maybe you can cut or reduce some of the running costs because you don’t need a Netflix subscription or a newspaper subscription during your world trip. If you have a gym membership or other fees that you don’t need during your trip, remember to cancel them. Note the deadlines for cancelling contracts and insurance policies you don’t need.

Planning before you leave

My first tip for you: Start packing in good time! It won’t help you if you wait until just beforehand and then get stressed or forget half of it. Get your equipment as early as possible and make lists. It’s best to have your luggage ready a few days before departure, because you can always think of something that’s missing or doesn’t work. Also, don’t underestimate how much space you need. I sometimes got into trouble because I wanted to take too much with me.

Here’s the second tip: Don’t take too much with you! You need less than you think. Clothes are often overrated because you can wash them almost everywhere. Many things you can get on the way if you need them. Also, things are often provided in accommodation and hostels. (Board games, books,…)

It is also advisable (depending on the length of the trip) to plan and book the first nights/weeks in advance. Look for accommodation for the first one, two, three stops and book from home. This gives you time to arrive, get used to new time zones, languages and currencies, and of course to the daily routine of travelling (which don’t really exist). You can of course plan and book everything in advance, but if you decide to travel more flexibly, you have many options open to you. Even if you decide to travel spontaneously and don’t finish the full planning of your world trip, make plans for the first few days. This will make the start of your world trip much easier.

People in the airport. Guy is starting his world trip and carrying a luggage trolley through the hall and smiles to the camera.

Keep your loved ones updated

Your family back home will be curious to know where you’re and what you’re experiencing on your world trip. You could consider writing a blog that your loved ones can follow. That way you don’t have to tell everyone about every experience. The same way it’s also a great memory for you.

Another option is to use Polarsteps. Polarsteps is perfect for reporting on your travels and letting your friends know where you are and what you’re experiencing. With Polarsteps, you can record every ’step‘ you take on a map and add text and photos. You can share the journey and all the steps with everyone.

Picture of niagrafalls in canada. in the middle of the falls is a tourist boat and you can see people and travellers on it.

Do it!

Last advice for the moment: Do it! ‚If you can dream it, you can do it‘, as Walt Disney once said. You can start planning your world trip now. 🙂

Himalaya in India, House or temple in the mountans and some colorful flags. Nice spot to add to your world trip

Hopefullly this post was inspring and helpful for you. Your iternarary for your world trip is not planned yet? Check out this 10 Incredible Places to See Before You Die for some inspiration.

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