4 Awesome Destinations for Your Next Girls‘ Trip


Call up your girls, it’s time to travel!

There really aren’t many things better suited to forget your stressful everyday life than spending quality time with your best friends. Even better – set some time aside to explore the world with each other and make memories you’ll savor forever. Obviously, as long as you have your best friends with you it doesn’t really matter where you go. But there are some destinations that are practically made to explore with your girlfriends. Discover our favorite girls‘ trip locations below!

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Experience the Culture of Marrakech

Marrakech is a classic choice for any girls‘ trip – and that’s for a good reason! Though there are plenty of things to do and see, its enchanting atmosphere alone makes exploring Marrakech an unforgettable experience. It is also a great year-round destination, as temperatures are mild and rain is rare.

Marrakech’s limestone buildings and dusty streets give the city its unmistakable Arabian Nights feeling.

Your Marrakech journey shouldn’t be about rushing from one point of interest to another and worrying about a schedule just so that you can see as many sights as possible. Marrakech can rather be likened to a mosaic – thousands of individual impressions that come together to form a unique image of the fascinating city that is the door to the Atlas Mountains.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s Mansion in Le Jardin Majorelle

You and your girlfriends could easily spend the entire trip wandering the markets of Marrakech, taking in the myriad of scents and colors, stopping only to enjoy delicious Morrocan dishes. Roam the bustling streets and immerse yourself in the vivid atmosphere. before winding down in Le Jardin Majorelle, the garden of Yves Saint-Lauren.

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Seek Adventure in Pisco

The stereotypical girls‘ trip itinerary includes sunbathing, spas, and lots of wine. While those are certainly a lot of fun, why not go for an action-packed trip this time around? Peru’s Pisco Province is the perfect destination for an adventure getaway with your girl group – and you won’t even have to miss out on wine!

Will you dare to surf down the dunes of Huacachina?

The town of Pisco itself is a lovely coastal village, where you’ll find plenty of hostels and hotels to base your stay out of. Spend a day exploring the city and the beaches to gather some energy for the next few days – as these will be packed with activities! Pisco is located right on the edge of a large sand desert not far from Huacachina Oasis. Every day there are desert tours heading out to Huacachina where you will ascend the majestic sand dunes. After you’ve enjoyed the view, grab some goggles and a board and surf down the side of the dune for a thrill ride you’ll never forget!

Paracas Natural Reserve’s coastline

While the dunes of Huacachina will most likely be the highlight of your trip, there’s much more to do around here. Just south of Pisco is Paracas Natural Reserve, which you can explore on a hike or buggy tour. Be sure to also join a boat ride to the Islas Ballestas just off the coast to witness the diverse wildlife that calls the island home.

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Relax in Budapest

Hungary’s capital city is a solid choice for your next girls‘ trip, no matter your expectations. Only have a weekend’s time? No problem, spend your days exploring the city’s main attractions and enjoying its laid-back atmosphere. Do you want to get away for a full week, but city trips wear you out? Take a break from the city at Lake Balaton or relax in the thermal baths that Budapest is known for.

The same versatility goes for your budget. Eastern Europe is much more affordable than its Western counterpart, despite it being just as (if not more) sight-worthy.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The Danube River divides Budapest into two halves Buda and Pest, with long promenades lining the river on each side. After arriving in the city, walk along the promenades to get a feeling of the city’s ambiance and major sights. Budapest is home to some stunning architecture, which will immediately catch your eye on your walk: Fisherman’s Bastion and the Hungarian Parliament Building, which are equally stunning, but couldn’t be more different. Even if you don’t want to explore them further (though we recommend it!) don’t miss out on the view of Budapest you get from the top of Fisherman’s Bastion.

Széchenyi Baths

Often a city’s most famous attractions are also the most overrated – but that is not the case with Budapest’s spas. You can easily spend the whole day relaxing and chatting with your girlfriends in Gellért or Széchnyi Thermal Baths. With such a beautiful backdrop your wellness time still easily counts as sightseeing!

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Go Wild in Ayia Napa

Are you feeling bored with your local nightlife? Then why not get all your girlfriends together and go somewhere where you’re guaranteed to have the time of your lives! There are many places around the world known for wild parties, and Ayia Napa is one of the best party towns in Europe.

Nissi Beach is known for its crystal-clear water, beach parties, and water rides.

You’ll likely spend your days here alternating between recovering from last night on a white-sand beach, continuing the fun during a beach party, or cliff-diving from the top of the sea caves. Once the sun has set and you’ve had your dinner, head to the Luna Park and enjoy the thrill rides and bright lights. Around midnight, the town center comes to life, as the bars fill up with people from all around the world.

Get away from the noise at Ayia Napa’s perfect beaches.

Each place offers an entirely different atmosphere and you’re sure to find a place you’ll enjoy. Perhaps the silent disco at the Bedrock Inn fits your vibe, or maybe you’d rather be dancing among pyrotechnics at Encore Bar? Our tip: join the Let’s Dance challenges at Pirates Inn to instantly make friends with everyone around. If you want to dance ‚til the sun comes up, hit up the clubs after the bars slowly empty out!

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