New Lambus Feature: Country Info

Country Infos

Big news! We’ve just rolled out an awesome feature that’s going to make your travel planning a breeze. Say hello to the all-new „Country Info“ feature! 🌍✨

Ever found yourself Googling time zones, scrambling to convert currency, or unsure about the weather at your destination? Well, worry no more! With Lambus Country Info, you’ve got everything you need right in the app. Now, at the touch of your fingertips, you can access a treasure trove of information about the countries you’re planning to visit.

Lambus Country Infos

What does the new Feature „Lambus Country Info“ include?

Here are some examples of what the new feature offers you:

  • Time Zone: Stay in sync with your destination’s local time effortlessly.
  • 💸 Currency: Instantly check the currency of the country you’re exploring.
  • 🌦 Weather: Plan your wardrobe and activities with accurate, real-time weather updates.
  • 🚗 Driving Directions: Be prepared about the driving direction which might be different to your home country.
  • 💉 Vaccination Info: Find out in advance which vaccinations are recommended for your destination.
  • 🏕 Wild Camping: Plan your equipment and your route taking into account the rules and regulations of the country. In the Lambus Country Info you can find out whether wild camping is allowed or not.
  • 🌐 General Info: Discover interesting tidbits about each country to enhance your cultural experience.

Ready to take your adventures to the next level? Check Country Info in your Lambus app now and unlock a world of possibilities! 📲

Lambus Country Info

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Lambus | Travel Planner
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