The Benefits of Using a Travel Planner App: A Frequent Traveler’s Guide


Travel is fun but planning is often stressful and messy. Most of us don’t follow a strategic plan. Instead, we jump around between planning accommodations, booking flights, and mostly taking lots and lots of notes. What ends up happening is that you lose focus, get overwhelmed, and run into complications at your destination. Things can go smoother, however. With the right Travel Planner App, planning becomes stress-free and your travels are improved!

Bringing Organization to Your Documents

Hotel reservations, plane tickets, bus passes, and more… Who hasn’t filled a large folder with printouts of all the essential documents that we need to travel? It’s bad enough that documents take up precious space in your baggage, but somehow they always end up disorganized and when you actually need one, it takes ages to find it in the stack of loose papers. And what do you do when you book something along the way but you don’t have access to a printer? You save your documents somewhere on your phone and now you have two disorganized stacks of documents. Total Chaos.

Picture of important documents loosely thrown in a bag. This is before using a Travel Planner App.
With a Travel Planner App, your bag will never look like this again.

This chaos is easily avoided by using a Travel Planner App like Lambus: all your documents are in one place and can be accessed whenever, wherever you are. Hotel reservations or plane tickets can directly be attached to the respective place on your itinerary, so you don’t even need to search for them anymore. This saves you time, effort and makes your travels as stress-free as possible.

No more Lists

Your trip itinerary, packing list, and points of interest you’d like to see often face the same fate as your document. Various lists are either saved in your notes app or printed and added to your messy folder.

A woman writing notes in a journal. Using a Travel Planner App will avoid packing more than necessary.

But, like most of the time, there is an alternative that can improve your planning and traveling: using a Travel Planner App. In Lambus, your itinerary is easily changed, interconnected and holds much more information than you could ever neatly store in one notes document. Every stop on your itinerary is shown on a map so that you can keep an overview of where you’re going when and what the travel time in between may be. And your transportation method is stored here, too, along with the corresponding document.

Moreover, Lambus PRO has a handy packing list feature, eliminating yet another notes file. Choose from pre-made templates that match your trip or make your own! You’ll be sure to pack enough underwear and bring your passport.

Say Goodbye to Endless Group Chats

Solo travel may be fun, but realistically, most of us travel with other people. Group trips are far more difficult to plan and require lots of discussion, compromises, and note-taking. The right Travel Planner App will help you make planning as a group a breeze and lets you avoid conflict along the way.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if all group trips were as harmonious as this?

With Lambus, your whole group can collaborate in creating the trip itinerary, so that everyone’s interests are accounted for. All other travel information is shared, as well. This means that no one person is responsible for keeping track of documents, packing lists, flight times, or booking numbers. But Lambus can do even more to make your trip as smooth as possible. The expenses feature helps you stick to your budget and you can easily divvy up the costs between yourselves, accounting for who paid what.

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