The Best Travel Hacks


You’re a bright mind and want to travel even smarter, then read on here. We have summarized the best travel hacks for you. Whether you’re road tripping, backpacking, or on beach vacation, you can use these hacks on any kind of travel.

Best hacks for most important stuff

First things first! The most important thing for you to be able to travel is to have essential documents, such as a passport or credit card. Once your wallet is gone, you can’t move further. Clever who used one of the best travel hacks here:

  1. Take photos of all important documents in advance and send them to you by email or
  2. make copies and put the copies somewhere else, e.g. in your suitcase.

This way you can still identify yourself and get out of trouble more easily. The most important documents are your passport, your credit card, your health insurance certificate (if you have it) and your visa (also if you have it). If you have any other individual bookings or documents, like rental car and driver license, that are important to you, then it is also recommended that you secure these as well. Here is a list of important documents while traveling from the International Air Transport Association.

It is also advisable to back up your phone regularly and to save photos and documents in the cloud. If you lose your phone, at least you will have your data and beautiful memories backed up.

Last travelhack on this topic: inform your bank in advance that you will be traveling and where. This way you avoid that your card is suddenly blocked because of unusual bookings or that it does not work at all because it is perhaps not activated for abroad.

girl with big suitase ist sitting on the beach with laptop and smartphone, completely dressed. This picture should symbolize how helpful the best travel hacks can be.

Best packing hacks

There are plenty of hacks to packing properly, but the best one is probably: Roll your clothes! This saves space and prevents them from wrinkling. But that’s not enough. When you roll and pack your clothes, you have a much better overview of the contents of your bag.
Furthermore, you can use packing cubes to bundle things and find them faster. Also, always pack an empty bag to collect dirty clothes to separate them from clean clothes.

But convince yourself and learn from Marie Kondo how to pack a suitcase.

Another hack for packing: Mark your luggage as fragile (even if its not!). This way you don’t have to wait as long after a flight and get your luggage first and the workers are even more careful with it.

picture of a filled suitcase. the purpose of the picture is to decorate the article about the best travel hacks and hacks for packing.

Useful equipment for the best travel hacks

Rule number one for the modern traveler: Always have a powerbank with you, because your tech gear is probably your most important tool. With apps like Lambus, you have your whole trip in your pocket, and the powerbank makes it possible to access everything. Also important is an universal adapter that works for different countries. It is also helpful if you have access to maps and dictionaries in a foreign country to help you find your way around. Google offers the optimal tool here. You can download the data packages you need for your trip from google maps and google translator and then use them offline.

Furthermore, you could pack a few things to ensure your sleep even when traveling. Sleep mask and earplugs are the basics that should be in your luggage on every trip, because you never know.

Last but not least: Bring Lush powder or baby powder with you. You can use it to have a fast refresh for your body and hair, when there is no shower or water accessible. For instance, you change from sneakers to sandals after a long walk and dont have to worrie about sweat or smell if you have some powder with you. I would recommend this lush power as a refresher.

picture of a couple sitting in arizona in horseshoe bend and enyoing beautiful view.

Best hacks to travel sustainable

Think big! Anyone who has sniffed the travel air probably has a long list of places they still want to see. To continue to see this amazing planet, it’s more important than ever to travel sustainably.

Travel Hack: To travel for life, travel sustainably!

Unfortunately, our environment is suffering greatly, but you can help make a step in the right direction by making small choices. For example, you can take public transportation instead of cars or short-haul flights. Consider hiking and bike trips. Both are great ways to explore nature. Don’t leave your trash anywhere and try to produce as little of it as possible.

If you want to learn more about sustainable travel, these articles might be interesting for you:

woman is sitting on top of a rock in the mountains with beautiful view. This picture decorates the article about the best travel hacks

Best hacks for having a good time

The best hack to have a good time is to meet new cool people. Make new friends from different countries, exchange ideas with other travelers, learn from your experiences and have a good time together. Meet locals and immerse yourself in the culture, country, food and language for the complete experience. Visit insider spots and join a pub crawl for the best parties in town. Here are some advices, how to meet people.

To get the most out of your travel time, use Lambus app. You can use it to plan your trip and route optimally. From the arrival, accommodation and sightseeing to the restaurant visit or the management of travel documents. You can use lambus for flight updates, for offline maps, to share expances with you fellowers and get your flight compensation, if the flight is late or even cancelled. See all feature here.

picture shows the view out of a window over a lake to the mountains. picture serves to decorate the article about the best travel hacks

Your thirst for knowledge is not yet satisfied? Check out these hacks and tricks:

Of course there are many more, but these are the basics and most uesful. Hopefully the best travel hacks are helpful for you. Let us know in the comments, which is the best travel hack for you.

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